Expansion & Slip Joints

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Accommodate tubing movement without loss of
pressure integrity

Expansion joints are used to compensate for tubing movement that occurs due to changes in temperature, pressure, or both during normal well operations after the packer has been set. The joints maintain the pressure integrity of the tubing while allowing the string to safely expand and contract.

Select the optimal product for your application

A range of products with multiple stroke lengths is available for single- and dual-string completions, standard conditions, H2S and CO2 service, and temperatures higher than 300 degF [149 degC]. The stroke length is selected by calculating the change in tubing length based on the maximum temperature differential expected.

Retrieve tubing without removing packer

Expansion joints are also available for applications where an extreme change of length is expected in the production tubing or where a tubing separation device is required to enable tubing retrieval without removing the packer. Alternatively, a polished bore receptacle (PBR) and seal assembly can be used. Before separation of the joint, a blanking plug may be installed to block the flow from the formation.

Extract expansion joints from well using special retrieving heads

Specialized retrieving heads are available for retrieving the expansion joints and the tools connected below them. A special tool enables retrieval of the PBR and attached packer stinger after the tubing string and PBR seal assembly have been removed from the well.

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