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Pacesetting software for ECD, ESD management

VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS is a proprietary integrated suite of programs to evaluate and design critical-well drilling hydraulics under simulated downhole conditions. It is most often used in the following applications.

  • ECD, ESD, temperature, hole-cleaning and tripping profiles in critical wells
  • Hydraulics and rheological behavior of synthetic-, oil- and water-base drilling fluids in extreme temperatures and/or pressure environments such as deepwater and HTHP drilling

VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS is a powerful multi-component tool for maximizing drilling fluid performance, minimizing overall costs. Further, it improves confidence levels while using high-performance fluids in challenging deepwater and HTHP environments. The integrated software suite uses state-of-the-art models for hydraulics, mud rheology, temperature profiles, hole-cleaning performance, and surge/swab pressures that consider the dramatic effects of pressure and temperature on downhole fluid properties.

  • VIRTUAL RHEOLOGY uses an innovative “data-cube” concept to predict mud rheological properties under downhole conditions.
  • VIRTUAL RDH considers the effects of downhole density and mud rheological profiles, pipe rotation, eccentricity and cuttings behavior to accurately calculate pump pressure, ECD, ESD and hole-cleaning profiles during drilling.
  • TPRO uses a fully transient temperature simulator to determine the downhole temperature profile under circulating and static conditions.
  • DPRO accurately determines equivalent static density profiles based on temperature, pressure and specific mud characteristics.
  • TRIPPRO executes transient surge and swab analyses with effects of downhole density, rheology and time to determine optimum tripping schedules while running pipe or casing.
  • CLEANPRO determines hole-cleaning profiles using fuzzy logic principles that consider the effects of rotation, eccentricity and downhole fluid properties.


  • Sophisticated planning and re-planning tools for effective Equivalent Circulating Density
  • (ECD) management and hydraulics optimization
  • Robust steady-state and transient hydraulics models developed and validated using field measurements for conventional rotary and coiled-tubing drilling applications
  • Trademark snapshot-style graphics, including downhole profiles of ECD, Equivalent Static Density (ESD), circulating temperature, rheological properties and hole cleaning efficiency
  • Innovative data cube method for maximum use of conventional and High-Temperature, High-Pressure (HTHP) rheological properties
  • Optimum tripping/casing schedules,  including provisions for complex auto-fill equipment
  • Interactive 3-D visualization to critically examine steady state and transient downhole hydraulics while navigating a virtual well on a field-issue PC


  • Guiding decision-making during planning and drilling phases by providing realistic hydraulics assessments and projections based on real-world conditions
  • Reducing rig time and well costs by optimizing operating conditions and providing a quality wellbore
  • Minimizing rig time and mitigating loss circulation while running casing, especially when clearances are tight and drilling windows are narrow
  • Maximizing performance and minimizing costs of premium water, synthetic- and oil-base drilling fluid systems
  • Maximizing multi-disciplinary collaboration through effective graphics and 3-D visualization
  • Enhancing QHSE by providing safe operating guidelines and sophisticated parametric analyses

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