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Date Title Challenge Products
Aug 2016 OMV Achieves Record Horizontal Appraisal Well Through Collaborative Well Engineering and Operation StingBlade, PowerDrive Xceed, GeoSphere, EcoScope, TeleScope, PeriScope HD, MicroScope, DigiScope, adnVISION, SonicScope, StethoScope, STARGLIDE, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS , ENVIROUNIT, TLC, GeoTesting, IRDV, OrientXact, SenTREE, OLGA, Vx Spectra, EverGreen
Apr 2014 Engineering Center Optimizes Drilling to Save USD 18 Million in Deepwater GOM Well for Shell Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature PowerDrive X6, Rhino, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS , i-DRILL
Apr 2015 Halcón Resources Drills
20,645-ft Horizontal Well at Record Speed in Bakken Shale
Unconventional Resources VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS
Mar 2014 Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques and VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS Modeling are Utilized to Control Abnormal Pressures While Drilling Fractured Production Zone LPAC , VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS
Apr 2015 Managed-Pressure Drilling Eliminates Circulation Loss and Achieves Zero NPT in Wilrich Formation VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS
Aug 2014 Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) System by @balance Services Enables Completion of Well with Narrow Operating Window in Woodford Shale, Oklahoma HOLD RCD, AutoChoke, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS