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Unique 3-D visualization of downhole conditions during drilling

The innovative VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS NAVIGATOR 3-D visualization system creates a virtual window into downhole hydraulics and related issues. The VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS NAVIGATOR module makes it possible to interactively navigate through a virtual well. Consequently, on-site engineers can critically examine and analyze downhole hydraulics.  

The M-I SWACO proprietary VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS NAVIGATOR software package provides an industry first. It represents the first interactive 3-D visualization of the inside of a virtual wellbore. This software package allows downhole drilling hydraulics and related conditions to be critically examined while navigating the well from surface to TD, using a standard PC and joystick. The software has applications for interpreting large data sets, mitigating drilling problems, training and facilitating collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams.

The M-I SWACO VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS NAVIGATOR module also is a great training tool for office-based and field personnel, as well as non-drillers.


  • Interpreting large data sets
  • Critical wells
  • Training and facilitating collaboration


  • Mitigates downhole drilling problems
  • Allows for visual observation of downhole conditions
  • Facilitates training and multi-team collaboration

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