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Industry-leading breakers for synthetic- and oil-base RDF filtercakes

M-I SWACO innovative breaker systems for synthetic- and oil-base reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) filtercake removal enable fast ROP in the openhole reservoir section while maintaining the flexibility to remove the filtercake for increased completion efficiency.

FAZE-AWAY reversible invert-emulsion filtercake breaker system

The system facilitates injection or flowback through restrictive completions, such as premium screens and openhole gravel packs.

FAZECLEAN acid-base filtercake breaker system

The breaker system delivers rapid filtercake destruction.

FAZE-OUT reversible-system water-base filtercake breaker

In either injector or producer wells, the system completely dissolves reversible invert-emulsion filtercakes, permitting ready injection or flowback through restrictive completions.

FAZEBREAK chelants-base filtercake breaker system

The FAZEBREAK system delays the reversal and dispersion of FAZEPRO system filtercakes by up to 72 hours.

VERSA-OUT water-base filtercake breaker system

VERSA-OUT breaker system allows placement during the completion operation when it is possible to make direct contact with the filtercake, even for difficult-to-contact situations like openhole gravel packs.

VERSA-WAY oil-mud invert-emulsion filtercake breaker system

This breaker system slowly and uniformly reacts with the filtercake created by the VERSAPRO invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system, delaying breakthrough by more than 20 hours and enabling you to pull out the service tool or washpipe without incurring losses.

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