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Innovative breakers for water-base RDFs

M-I SWACO breaker systems for water-base reservoir drill-in fluids (RDFs) help you achieve optimal drilling while maintaining the ability to remove the filtercake at the right time for increased completion efficiency—the best of both worlds. Our suite of water-base breakers covers a range of chemistry requirements, bottomhole conditions, completion types, and production objectives.

BREAKFREE enzyme-base filtercake breaker system

The system works slowly and uniformly across the lateral, providing at least 6 hours of breakthrough delay. Using WELLZYME starch-specific enzymes, the breaker system attacks the starch fluid loss control additive that binds the filtercake.

BREAKDOWN enzyme and chelant filtercake breaker system

With slow-acting chemistry, the system can be spotted in the openhole interval without losses, keeping the breaker fluid in contact with the filtercake instead of bypassing it and reacting with formation fluids and solids.

BREAKDOWN 7 enzyme and neutral-pH chelant filtercake breaker system

Designed for wells planned for long-term suspension, the BREAKDOWN 7 system achieves a system pH of 7 and offers extremely low corrosion rates.

BREAKDOWN EXTRA enzyme and advanced chelant filtercake breaker

The system is compatible with monovalent and divalent brines and can complex many metal ions present in RDF filtercakes and completion fluids, including calcium and magnesium.

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Thorough Removal
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