Reservoir Drill-In Fluids

Minimally damaging fluids for reservoir drilling

M-I SWACO has refined the industry’s most advanced line of minimally damaging and health, safety, and environment (HSE)-acceptable reservoir drill-in fluids (RDFs) and associated additives. Our RDF leadership was cemented with the award-winning PRO Series and has expanded to comprise some the industry’s most innovative technologies. Advancements include the only RDF that drills with oil-base efficiency, but with the completion simplicity of a water-base drilling fluid. Another breakthrough technology uses divalent brines as its base fluid and builds viscosity without the use of biopolymers.

We engineer minimally damaging RDF systems specifically to drill and complete the reservoir section in open hole. Our water and invert emulsion RDF formulations are tailored to specific completion techniques, emphasizing compatibility and minimal formation damage.

Complementing our RDF systems are equally safe and effective additives that help get the most out of your well.

FLOPRO NT Water-Base Reservoir Drill-In Fluid

VERSAPRO Oil-Base Reservoir Drill-In Fluid

VERSAPRO LS Low-Solids Oil-Base Reservoir Drill-In Fluid

SMART RDF Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Family

DIPRO High-Density Divalent Reservoir Drill-In Fluid

PRIMO Reservoir Drill-In Fluids and Additives

FAZEPRO Reversible Invert-Emulsion Reservoir Drill-In Fluid System

FLOTHRU Organophilic Water-Base Reservoir Drill-In Fluid System

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