FAZEPRO Reversible Invert-Emulsion Reservoir Drill-In Fluid System

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Reversible oil-base reservoir drill-in fluid

FAZEPRO reversible invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system is the industry’s most uniquely engineered invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid. As an oil-base fluid, it deposits an oil-wet filtercake. Once a low pH (acid) breaker treatment is applied, the filtercake reverts to a water-wet state. The FAZEPRO system combines the drilling advantages of an invert-emulsion with the completion benefits of water-base systems. It provides the low fluid loss, high ROP, and excellent wellbore stability of an oil-base fluid with the simple filtercake dispersion/dissolution of its water-base counterpart. The FAZEPRO system is designed for drilling both open- and cased-hole completions.


  • Oil-base drilling performance
  • Water-base cleanup
  • Oil-wetting filtercake that is easily reversed with pH change
  • Stable chemical package
  • Water-wet surfaces after pH change
  • Good shale inhibition
  • Customized formulations


  • Faster drilling, stable wellbore
  • Easy cleanup
  • Reduced waste generation
  • Environmental acceptability
  • Better production rates
  • Cleanup through openhole gravel packs
  • Less costly remedial treatments
  • Flowback not required for injector wells

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FAZEPRO System Helps Increase Injection by 30%

FAZEPRO System Contributes to Offshore Field’s Highest Injectivity Rate, Lowest Injection Pressure

Invert-emulsion system and FAZE-OUT breaker contribute to highest injectivity rate, lowest injection pressure on horizontal injector, offshore West Africa. Read case study

Transform Filtercake Wettability From Oil-Wet State to Water-Wet State

FAZEPRO Reversible Invert-Emulsion Reservoir Drill-In Fluid System
FAZEPRO system enables both oil-wet drilling performance and water-wet filtercake removal simplicity simply by adjusting the alkalinity of the environment to reverse the emulsion. Download brochure (1.38 MB PDF)