FLOPRO NT Water-Base Reservoir Drill-In Fluid

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The FLOPRO NT water-base reservoir drill-in fluid is engineered to meet the distinctive needs of reservoir engineers while addressing the performance requirements of drilling operations personnel.

For the reservoir engineer, FLOPRO NT characteristics make it minimally damaging to the formation with minimal drawdown pressure. For drilling, it exhibits an extremely low friction factor, generating low pump pressures and high ROP. FLOPRO NT FLUID also possesses an extremely high capacity for cuttings transport. From a health, safety, and environment (HSE) perspective, it can be formulated in a water-base fluid environment, effectively meeting global environmental compliance.

The FLOPRO NT reservoir drill-in fluid provides excellent benefits as a high-performance, nondamaging system that optimizes production rates across a wide range of completion methods, including

  • openhole gravel-pack or non-gravel-pack completions
  • barefoot, slotted, or perforated liner completions
  • cased-hole completions where hole cleaning or minimizing fluid invasion is critical
  • high-temperature applications.

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