SMART RDF Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Family

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Greater control over what happens downhole

Due to the variety of downhole conditions across the globe, the fluid system for open hole completion challenges is complex. In a typical operation, the drilling/completion engineers select a reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) based on its ability to reach target depth with as few drilling problems as possible. When it is time to complete the well, the crew faces the task of ensuring the reservoir drill-in fluid does not interfere with completion operations or well productivity. SMART RDF technology identifies the best fluids for high-performance drilling and completion compatibility to optimize well productivity.

A fluids program designed specifically for an application

M-I SWACO uses the SMART RDF technology approach to drilling and completions for maximum production. The technology considers all factors that can affect a well before selecting the RDF for a specific application. The SMART RDF technology systems are designed to promote better productivity, which may include easier filter cake removal.

Economically feasible and environmentally friendly solution

SMART RDF technology is a comprehensive approach to drilling and completion that helps achieve the reservoir’s highest potential. It saves rig time, reduces the expense of extraneous fluids and equipment and decreases the potential for damage to the formation and the completion. This technology eliminates the use of aggressive, potentially damaging chemicals by engineering the filter cake components for easier removal through custom designs. M-I SWACO safely delivers production with minimal interference either downhole or at surface.

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The Smart, Versatile Approach to Completions

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Each SMART RDF family system is engineered with application-specific inhibition, fluid loss control, lubricity, and other properties to enable reaching the target with maximum efficiency.

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