SMART 3D Displacement

Integrating mechanics, chemistry and hydraulics to ensure proper wellbore displacement

The act of displacing a well from mud to brine is generally considered the beginning of the completion phase of a well. An improperly displaced wellbore leaves behind solids and debris from many sources that will negatively impact the rest of the completion process. And the mechanical, chemical, and hydraulic components each play a vital role in the displacement process. Failing to account for any of these elements will not deliver a cost-effective, trouble-free displacement.

Single source, integrated package provides answers

The SMART 3D displacement strategy from M-I SWACO provides a single source, integrated package of displacement services, including the latest generation of chemical, mechanical and hydraulic technologies. Applicable to any wellbore requiring the complete removal of drilling fluid for completion or production operations, the SMART 3D strategy brings field-proven technologies together in a single wellbore displacement strategy.

Our displacement philosophy means savings

The M-I SWACO displacement philosophy was generated out of the exhaustive analysis of over 40 diverse well operations. This analysis proved that ignoring or failing to properly account for a single element within these interrelated disciplines results in an inefficient displacement, additional rig time for remedial work, and lost production.

The SMART 3D displacement strategy looks at each component—chemical, mechanical and hydraulic—to ensure each application meets the specific needs of the wellbore. To achieve this, the system includes

  1. Hydraulics - software-generated simulations that calculate critical displacement and evaluation parameters for downhole fluid dynamics, pressures and equipment limitations.
  2. Chemicals - high-performance and environmentally compliant wash pills and spacers formulated to clean your wellbore.
  3. Mechanical - a comprehensive suite of specialized tools that deliver a clean wellbore, ready for completion.

Customized to fit your specific needs

M-I SWACO project specialists design and deliver a comprehensive package utilizing each of these three elements to provide a solution that meets the needs of a specific well. The package is designed to minimize trips, fluid volumes and interfaces, reduce waste disposal costs, and protect the producing reservoir.





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An Integrated Package of Displacement Services

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