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Single-stage well displacement chemical

One of the major drawbacks to displacing a synthetic- or oil-base drilling fluid to completion brine has traditionally been cleanup spacers. Conventional chemistry has dictated the use of several clean up pills – a wash train that cleans the wellbore of the invert fluids and produces a water-wet state.

The DEEPCLEAN additive is a highly effective, single-stage well displacement chemical. The DEEPCLEAN pill combines the dissolving capacity of powerful hydrocarbon solvents with the water-wetting capability of optimized hydrophile-lipophile balance (HLB) surfactants. The result is a double-emulsion product that satisfies all the requirements of a multiple-stage displacement wash train—with just one additive.

Powerful cleaning and water-wetting in a single product

DEEPCLEAN additive efficiently combines powerful solvents, surfactants, and water-wetting agents to provide excellent surface cleaning. When used in wellbore-cleaning operations, its double emulsion thins, dissolves, and disperses oil and synthetic-base-mud residue. Afterward, DEEPCLEAN additive leaves all downhole tubulars and metal surfaces in a water-wet state.

Heavy brine stability, wide temperature range

Unlike other solvent- and surfactant-base displacement chemicals, DEEPCLEAN technology maintains its efficient performance when the wellbore pressure differential requires the wash spacer to be weighted in heavy brine. In addition, the product is effective over a wide temperature range and is ideal for deepwater applications.

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DEEPCLEAN Spacer Technology

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