Casing ID verification tool

The POSI DRIFT SUB casing ID verification tool is used to check the drift ID of casing while running drillpipe. It is designed to address this requirement without interfering with normal drilling operations or damaging the casing.

The tool is specifically designed to drift the casing prior to running the completion equipment. It is activated not only in drilling but during wellbore cleanup operations as well. Customized ODs can be supplied.


  • One-piece main mandrel
  • Free-rotating gauge sleeve
  • Standard drillpipe connections
  • Generous fluid and debris bypass
  • Customized ODs
  • No square shoulders to hang up in well
  • Simple, robust design
  • Available for most casing sizes and IDs


  • Design to check the drift of the casing while running drillpipe in the well and during wellbore cleanup operations prior to running the completion equipment
  • Ability to consecutively run two or more units to mimic a packer or other long completion assembly

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