Short-Trip Jetting Sub

Device for riser, blowout preventer, and wellhead cleanups

The short-trip jetting sub is designed for mechanical wellbore cleanup in risers, blowout preventers (BOPs), and wellheads. The tool is well suited for operations on platforms, jackups, and land rigs.

Our SHORT-TRIP JETTING SUB is equipped with standard drillpipe box-up/pin-down connections for insertion in a cleanup or drillstring when it is necessary to jet. Generally, the tool is short-tripped with the jets open continuously when running in  and pulling out of the hole.


  • One-piece mandrel, full drillpipe strength
  • Simple, robust design
  • Six replaceable jet nozzles
  • Standard drillpipe box-up/pin-down connections
  • Availability for 11- to 16-in [279- to 406-mm] sleeves


  • No ball drop required to open the tool
  • Use on platforms, jackups, and land rigs

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