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Casing brush

The BRISTLE BACK casing brush is designed to ensure that the multiple profiles of surface wellheads are clean prior to the completion. The tool effectively brushes and jets surface wellheads simultaneously and reduces the downtime caused by clogged up wellheads.

Our BRISTLE BACK casing brush is constructed on a one-piece, full-strength mandrel with box-up/pin-down drillpipe connections. A brass-bristle-impregnated sleeve with jetting slots is mounted on the mandrel and sized for the various ID changes within the hanger area. The sleeve is locked to the mandrel rotationally. It is configured to provide an annular space for circulation between the ID of the sleeve and the OD of the mandrel. A bearing and diverter ring is mounted at the bottom of the bristle sleeve to act as a no-go ring when running in hole.


  • One-piece, full-strength mandrel
  • Brass-bristle-impregnated sleeve
  • Integral jetting slots on tool
  • Jetting activated by bearing and diverter ring
  • Simple and easy operation


  • Reduces NPT
  • Ensures surfaces are cleaned and free of debris before running the completion

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