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Advanced casing cleaning tool

The HEAVY-DUTY RAZOR BACK advanced casing cleaning tool is engineered for the most complex wellbore cleanups. The tool comprises a high-strength, one-piece mandrel and carries a higher rpm and weight-on-bit rating than the standard RAZOR BACK casing cleaning tool.

Our HEAVY-DUTY RAZOR BACK tool is well suited for drilling up the cement accessories commonly found inside the liner or casing.


  • Self-centralizing, flexible-bladed lantern
  • Increased-strength, one-piece main mandrel
  • Carbide-compound-covered, fixed-mill rings
  • Available in all common casing and liner sizes
  • Supplied with drillpipe box-up/pin-down connections


  • Fixed-mill rings enhance efficiency when drilling cement accessories
  • Lower mill ring ensures larger cuttings are ground down to a size that is manageable for other cleanup tools in the string
  • Mandrel rotates through stabilizer sleeves and lantern to avoid damage to casing during pipe rotation
  • Lantern is self-centralizing inside casing and ensures an equal cleaning force for all hole inclinations

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