Clutch-Type, Heavy-Duty MFCT

Multifunction circulating tool technology

Our clutch-type, heavy-duty MFCT multifunction circulating tool technology ensures efficient drilling by keeping the hole free of debris. We developed this MFCT technology type for use when well cleanout is required prior to running completions or test strings.

The technology is particularly suited to wells with small liner diameters in which well cleanups are performed prior to running completions or test strings. The tool can be run when drilling cement and milling or polishing liner-top polished-bore receptacles (PBRs). The clutch-type, heavy-duty MFCT technology provides pipe rotation above the liner with the ports open while protecting the string below from potentially damaging torque.


  • Does not require darts or balls to be pumped down the drillpipe
  • Can be operated in the hole as many times as required by slacking off or picking up the drillpipe
  • Allows drilling or milling to take place with the tool in the string
  • Allows drillstring rotation above the tool with the circulating ports open
  • Is available to run in all common casing and liner sizes


  • Offers the option of performing the open-closed cycle as many times as required without having to pull out of hole, enabling immediate control of the circulation route
  • Provides more accurate fluid placement than can be obtained with a conventional ball-drop circulation sub
  • Transmits rotating torque only above the circulating ports, protecting the lower string from potentially damaging torque
  • Increases flow rate in the annular sections

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