Circulating valve

Our DUAL-ACTION BYPASS SUB circulating valve is designed to run in the cleanup string when it is desirable to jet the riser and blowout preventer (BOP) while running in hole (RIH), when pulling out of hole (POOH), or both. The DUAL-ACTION BYPASS SUB valve also can be used nearer the bottom of the string as a bypass valve above a drilling motor or small-diameter tailpipe.

The tool is run in the open position to jet and clean as it moves through the riser and BOP. Afterward, the external jetting ports on the sub are closed to resume circulation. The jets are reopened to allow jetting to recommence when POOH.


  • One-piece, full-strength mandrel
  • Two sets of ports and two internal ball seats that can be moved to open-close ports
  • Available in 4 3/4- and 6 1/2-in ODs
  • Also available as 11- and 16-in jetting tools


  • Used to jet BOPs and risers
  • Can be used to bypass drilling motors
  • Can be run above small, nondraining pipe

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