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Rotation tool for MFCT technology cleanup

The bearing sub allows rotation of the entire drillstring while circulating with either an open or closed MFCT multifunction circulating tool technology. This capability prevents debris from entering the liner.

Our bearing sub is designed to land on the liner-top polished-bore receptacle or any other suitable shoulder. This positioning allows the MFCT to be sheared open and remain open while circulating. When resting on the shoulder of the bearing sub, the entire string can be rotated as fluid circulates through the ports of the MFCT technology. When the string is lifted, these ports close and the bearing sub leaves the shoulder and opens the flow path.

The bearing sub allows circulation down the string, up the liner and casing annulus, and over the liner top. The whole string can continue to be rotated with the bearing sub off the liner top.


  • Landing on liner-top polished-bore receptacle or other suitable shoulder
  • No internal connections
  • No restriction on internal diameter
  • Simple, rugged construction
  • Fluted mandrel with bronze bearings
  • AISI steel for body and parts along with SAE 660 bronze bearings


  • Enables the entire drillstring to be rotated while circulating with the standard-type MFCT technology
  • Prevents debris from entering the liner

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