Debris Recovery Tools

Remove debris left from circulation

This line of specialized tools is designed to recover debris that cannot be circulated out of the well, either mechanically or magnetically. Usually, these tools are run as part of the main wellbore cleanup string. They can also be used in upper well cleanup or as a "catching" device during packer or whipstock retrieval.

CT MAGNOSTAR Coiled Tubing Magnet


Wipe casing, capture large and small debris, filter well fluid, and validate the cleanliness of the well.

JUNK MUNCHER Wellbore Cleanup Tool

MAGNOGARD Openhole Magnet

Capture and retain metallic and magnetic debris from the wellbore.

MAGNOSHOE Specialized Magnet

Pick up large ferrous debris in the bottom of the wellbore.

MAGNOSTAR High-Capacity Magnet

MUDGARD Workstring Filter

Protect equipment from debris in the circulating system.

WELL PATROLLER Validation Tool

WELL PROTECTOR Debris Collection Tool

WELL SCAVENGER Vacuum Debris Recovery Tool

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Debris Management Drilling Tools
With M-I SWACO debris management tools, proactively take measures to ensure downhole equipment—and production potential—isn't compromised.
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