JUNK MUNCHER Wellbore Cleanup Tool

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Collect large well debris

The JUNK MUNCHER wellbore cleanup tool validates wellbore cleanup operations while removing perforation debris that restricts the ID of perforated pipe. The tool is engineered to collect the larger pieces of milling debris generated during casing milling or window-cutting operations.

The collection vessel of the JUNK MUNCHER tool is a large-OD tube. The vessel is ported to allow pass-through of cuttings, cement particles, and smaller pieces of junk that are circulated out of the hole. Flow-assisted flapper valves ensure that the large pieces of junk that enter the collector are retained and prevented from falling out the bottom. The valves are spring-assisted to enable the open valves to be closed when required.

The JUNK MUNCHER tool has the capacity to collect a significant volume of large junk pieces. With extremely large pieces of junk, we provide drilling and milling services to assist in reducing the size of the debris.

Our JUNK MUNCHER tool can be run on the same trip as a precompletion mechanical wellbore cleanup run or during a dedicated junk.


  • One-piece mandrel with box-up/pin-down connections
  • Availability of integral liner-top dress-mill profile or junk-mill profile
  • Availability of pilot mill


  • Removes large pieces of debris from the wellbore through large entry throats
  • Runs as part of the cleanup operation or as part of a dedicated junk cleanout run
  • Runs below the WELL PATROLLER validation tool to collect smaller debris particles

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