MAGNOSTAR High-Capacity Magnet

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Collect debris in high-torque strings

Applications with the potential for significant amounts of ferrous debris are ideal for the MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet, which incorporates a high-strength rare-earth-magnet design ideal for large-volume cleanup in high-torque strings. With a potential retrieval capacity of 200 lbm, the magnet can operate at temperatures to 350 degF [177 degC].

The fixed stabilizer sleeve on the box end of the magnet provides standoff when pulling out of the hole. Removal of recovered debris is easily done on location with a scraper tool before running the MAGNOSTAR magnet again.

Versatile in a variety of applications

The MAGNOSTAR magnet, available in common casing and liner sizes and weights from 4 1/2 in to 13 3/8 in, is run downhole on the workstring as part of the cased hole drilling, milling, or polishing assembly. A dedicated flow path prevents restrictions when the magnet is packed with debris. Displacements, postperforating, prefracturing, multizone completions, milling, burning, fishing, and smart completions are ideal applications for the MAGNOSTAR magnet, especially when there is the potential for a significant amount of ferrous debris.

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