WELL PROTECTOR Debris Collection Tool

Remove debris loosened during BOP and wellhead cleanup

The WELL PROTECTOR debris collection tool is engineered to collect debris loosened during BOP and wellhead cleanup as well as after testing BOP rams. Our WELL PROTECTOR tool acts as a backup to capture debris that is not circulated out or falls down into the well. The tool also is designed to validate that all debris, in fact, was removed from the wellbore. The WELL PROTECTOR tool is run below the wellhead and inside the casing during BOP and wellhead jetting and after function testing of BOP rams. It also can be positioned in the casing during riser cleaning operations or when retrieving wear bushings and bore protectors. 

The M-I SWACO WELL PROTECTOR tool features a large-capacity 6-ft wire-wrap screen to filter both small- and large-size debris. A rounded bull nose on the bottom acts as a guide and includes a large valve for easy removal of collected material. A diverter cup and ported standoff guide above the screen validate that all the debris was collected rather than falling around the outside of the tool.

The WELL PROTECTOR tool is equipped with an integral drillpipe-handling sub for slips and elevators and a 4½-in IF (NC 50) box connection.


  • Large debris and junk collection capacity
  • Equipped with a 0.025-in mesh screen to filter out small particles
  • Diverter cup to prevent bypass of debris
  • Integral drillpipe-handling sub
  • Redress in the field


  • Available for all common casing sizes located directly below the wellhead
  • Simple to run and redress
  • Capable of being used multiple times without the need for onshore service and inspection

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