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Saves rig time and improves operational efficiency

Operators are challenged to identify tools that are the most effective for performing necessary tasks in the least amount of time. Critical operations, such as cleanup after cementing a liner while ensuring well integrity, contribute to the success of a well. The WELL COMMISSIONER liner-top test tool saves rig time by performing negative inflow tests on the same trip as the wellbore displacement. It is possible to perform tests throughout the life of the well, including on the liner overlap and the liner shoe track.

Simple to operate in any application

The WELL COMMISSIONER tool promotes completing the following sequential tasks in one trip—drill out liner top, dress the liner top, scrape the packer setting area, reduce hydrostatic pressure under controlled conditions, negative test liner top, and displace to completion fluid. The packer element activates and deactivates by setting weight down and taking weight off, respectively.

Versatile in a variety of conditions

M-I SWACO engineers review each well’s conditions when implementing the WELL COMMISSIONER tool. Drilling and milling operations can be performed with the tool in the string.

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