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Safe mechanism for cleaning riser debris

The RISER CLEANING TOOL (RCT) allows operators to clean debris from the riser safely. The tool is effective even when a restricted ID above the riser, such as a surface blowout preventer (BOP) stack, prevents the entry of large-diameter tools. The RISER CLEANING TOOL is designed to pass through ID restrictions, yet still provides aggressive mechanical scratching and wiping to remove even the most stubborn  fluid sheaths that accumulated. The debris is extracted from the riser with the associated integral Junk Bucket.


The RISER CLEANING TOOL is used prior to any completion operation requiring a clean riser or when displacing drilling fluid from the riser. The RISER CLEANING TOOL ensures removal of the sheath of debris-laden fluids from the riser wall and prevents the remaining fluid sheath from depositing solids on sensitive completion string components, thus helping  eliminate the chance of  expensive and time consuming NPT.


  • Two strong fabric-reinforced rubber wipers
  • 32 individual double-crimped bristle brushes
  • Integral Junk Bucket to catch loosened debris
  • Nonrotating parts
  • Rig end connections can be cut to fit customer specifications
  • High-strength body


  • Stops accumulated debris from interfering with completion operations
  • Has full 360° cleaning coverage
  • Can be short-tripped during a pre- or post-cleanup job
  • Fits into any string where the riser is to be cleaned
  • Is designed for safe handling on the rig floor
  • Permits running liner/casing during cleanup trip

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