AFIV Annulus-Controlled Shrouded Isolation Valve

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Suitable for selective multizone intelligent completions

The AFIV annulus-controlled isolation valve is a shrouded version of the FIV-II formation isolation valve. It is used in selective multizone intelligent completions to separate production from the upper and lower zones. The upper zone is produced through the AFIV valve’s internal annulus. A sleeve-type barrier, not a ball, isolates the tubing from this annulus. The valve

  • improves well productivity
  • minimizes interventions
  • reduces intervention costs
  • minimizes fluid loss.

Range of options to open and close the valve

The Trip Saver one-time remote-opening mechanism enables one-time opening of the valve using cycles of tubing pressure without conventional intervention techniques. Before the Trip Saver mechanism is actuated, the AFIV valve can be opened and closed mechanically multiple times with a shifting tool run on the end of washpipe, a perforating string, or coiled tubing. In addition, the ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service features shifting tools that can be used to open and close the valve. The service provides real-time monitoring, dynamic tool control, and verified downhole actuation.

Suitable for well suspension and temporary abandonment

All AFIV valves are qualified and tested at assembly to meet stringent acceptance criteria, enabling their use for well suspension and temporary abandonment operations before the Trip Saver mechanism is activated.

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