MFIV-II Mechanically Controlled Isolation Valve

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Versatile bidirectional barrier

The MFIV-II mechanically controlled isolation valve serves as a bidirectional barrier to isolate reservoir fluids in the lower completion. It

  • enhances well productivity by preventing formation damage and minimizing fluid loss
  • saves rig time and costs by eliminating the need to kill the well for various operations
  • increases safety by providing a downhole barrier against pressure reversals.

The valve also provides a two-way barrier during remedial work (e.g., removal and reinstallation of on ESP or the production tubing), underbalanced perforating, and general completion operations. 

Ability to open and close multiple times

Operated mechanically with a shifting tool run on the end of washpipe, a perforating string, or CT, the MFIV-II valve can be opened and closed multiple times. It uses the same ball sealing design and latch collet system used in the FIV-II formation isolation valve. 

Qualified and tested

The MFIV-II valve is qualified with gas to a zero-bubble leak rate across the ball from below under specified conditions. This stringent acceptance criterion enables the tool to be used as a barrier before production starts; subsequently the valve can be used as a fluid loss control device for well intervention operations, well suspension, and temporary abandonment.

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