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Bidirectional barrier valves that can be opened and closed multiple times

Designed to provide a barrier from above and below, our postproduction valve is capable of being pressure tested in both directions. It is used for pre- and postproduction or pre- and postinjection applications and can be opened and closed multiple times, maintaining its pressure integrity over its predetermined life cycle.

Typically installed below the tubing hanger, the valve serves as a reliable barrier to isolate fluids between the reservoir and surface in a production or injection well. 

Compliant with stringent industry standards

Valves that meet API 19V/ISO 28781 standards for postproduction and postinjection subsurface bidirectional barrier valves are called Type CC valves. They provide the functionality of Type C valves with the added capability to function after the well has been placed on production or injection. The SFIV-II surface-controlled bidirectional isolation valve is qualified to bubble-tight conditions and meets or exceeds the API 19V/ISO 28781 V1 Type CC industry standards, reflecting the valve’s high reliability.

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