Trip Saver One-Time Remote-Opening Mechanism

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Eliminate a trip with interventionless opening of isolation valve

The Trip Saver one-time remote-opening mechanism provides one interventionless opening of the FIV-II, AFIV, and TIVF isolation valves using a predetermined number of tubing pressure cycles applied against the closed valve. When the opening cycle is reached, the mechanism provides the actuation energy to open the valve. The Trip Saver mechanism is also an option with the FORTRESS premium isolation valve.

An integral indexing mechanism enables you to pressure test the tubing, set and test the packer, and test the tubing hanger before the valve opens and reestablishes communication with the reservoir. Before the remote-opening mechanism is actuated, these valves can be opened and closed multiple times.

Three trigger options are available.

N2 trigger

Valves that use the N2 trigger feature a cycle mandrel containing a series of J‐slots cut on the mandrel OD, corresponding to 10 or 15 cycles. Applying or releasing pressure from the surface causes the nitrogen to compress or expand, cycling the mandrel. A long slot corresponding to the last cycle moves the mandrel down and opens the valve. The N2 trigger can be used at downhole pressures up to 10,000 psi.

S trigger

The S trigger uses two indexer sleeves and a total of 20 cycles to open the valve. The number of cycles can be physically confirmed prior to running in hole. In addition, the risk of unexpected cycling during gravel-pack operations is reduced.

The downhole atmospheric chamber design provides a greater opening force than other valves in the market. Compared with the N2 trigger, the S trigger 

  • provides up to three times greater opening force
  • reduces safety concerns by eliminating precharged downhole N2 cylinders
  • exhibits improved debris tolerance because the trigger internals operate in clean hydraulic fluid
  • offers the ability to confirm the number of cycles available before the valve is run in hole for installation
  • is suitable for higher-pressure wells up to 13,000 psi.

HP trigger

The HP trigger is similar to the S trigger, but it can be used in more challenging well conditions up to 375 degF or 25,000 psi.

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N2 Trigger for Interventionless Opening

Nitrogen trigger for Trip Saver one-trip remote-operating mechanism for isolation valves
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S Trigger Provides Up to Three Times More Opening Force

S-trigger for interventionless, one-time remote opening of isolation valves
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