Intelligent Completions

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Remote reservoir monitoring and control in real time

Intelligent completions incorporate permanent downhole sensors and surface-controlled downhole flow control valves, enabling you to monitor, evaluate, and actively manage production (or injection) in real time without any well interventions. Data is transmitted to surface for local or remote monitoring.

These completions

  • provide real-time zonal downhole monitoring of pressures and temperatures
  • enable surface-controlled production from each zone or lateral to optimize production and reservoir management
  • reduce production of undesirable water or gas
  • increase recovery and extend the economic life of the well
  • allow production testing of individual zones without interventions and with minimal production interruption.

Initially used in subsea wells, where intervention is expensive and high-risk, intelligent completions have since proven their value in managing production from multilateral wells, horizontal wells with multiple zones, wells in heterogeneous reservoirs, and mature reservoirs.

Manara Production and Reservoir Management System

Proteus Electrohydraulic Flow Control and Monitoring System

IntelliZone Compact II Modular Multizonal Management System

IntelliZone Compact II modular multizonal management system is a fully integrated intelligent flow control system for multizone wells. It provides an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective means of controlling wells on land and offshore.

Permanent Downhole Gauges

A wide range of permanent downhole electrical gauges and associated systems provide highly accurate, stable, and reliable point measurements of pressure, temperature, flow rate, and fluid density.

Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems acquire data over extended wellbore intervals in real time to identify the time, location, and reason for changes in flow.

WellWatcher Advisor Real-Time Intelligent Completion Software

This proprietary software helps operators optimize well performance with real-time analysis integrating data from downhole gauges and other intelligent well systems.

Downhole Interval Control Valves

Interval control valves are used in multizone intelligent completions, commingled-flow completions, auto (natural) gas-lift wells, and well environments with scale deposition, severe erosion, or high temperatures.

Multitrip Connectors

Essential to multitrip intelligent completion installations, these connectors enable retrieval of the upper completion without disturbing the lower completion and its zonal isolation packers, flow control valves (FCVs), chemical injection mandrels, isolation valves, and monitoring sensors

Packers for Intelligent Completions

Production packers with multiple ports allow passage of electric and hydraulic conduits for fiber-optic cables, tubing-mounted reservoir monitoring equipment, and other equipment that requires connection to the surface.

Surface Systems

A range of surface systems enable acquisition of discrete and distributed measurements from single or multiple wells, communication and power transmission for downhole equipment, and control of downhole hydraulic equipment.

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Continuous Measurements and Infinite Control in Every Zone in Real Time

Manara Production and Reservoir Management System
The Manara production and reservoir management system substantially reduces lifetime lifting costs and increases production and recovery.
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More Than 1,700 Flow Control Valves Deployed in 26 Countries Worldwide

More Than 1,700 Flow Control Valves Deployed in 26 Countries Worldwide
Continuous, ongoing, iterative product development, which started nearly 20 years ago, has provided flow control valves with an unmatched record of reliability, making them the preferred choice globally. Read tech report

World Leader in Permanent Downhole Monitoring

WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems
Schlumberger is the industry-recognized permanent monitoring leader, having deployed more than 9,000 permanent downhole pressure and temperature gauges over the past 40 years.
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Control Zones and Manage
Flow in Intelligent Wells

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