Intelligent Completions

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products Publication
Jul 2012 Industry Maps Smarter Way to Build Wellbores Deep Water, Unconventional Resources, Carbonates IntelliZone Compact, TRMAXX, QUANTUM Drilling Contractor
May 2012 Intelligent Downhole Production Control Improves Project Economics, Lowers Risk IntelliZone Compact World Oil
Mar 2011 Bottom Line Benefits Justify Deepwater IWS Deep Water Intelligent Completions, WellWatcher Offshore
Jan 2011 Intelligent Wells: It’s Not All or Nothing Intellitite, Intelligent Completions, IntelliZone Compact, WellWatcher Drilling Contractor
Jan 2009 Intelligent Completions For Better Reservoir Management Real-Time Operations PIPESIM, Intelligent Completions, InterACT, QUANTUM, MultiPort, USI, PhaseTester, Intellitite E&P
Jan 2009 Realising the Full Potential of Intelligent Completions Intelligent Completions, Flow Control Valves, WellWatcher, MultiPort, Multilaterals Oil Review Middle East
Dec 2007 Intelligent Completions—A Hands-Off Management Style DECIDE!, Eclipse 100, FloWatcher, Intellitite, InterACT, MultiPort, PhaseTester, PIPESIM, PressureWatch, QUANTUM, USI, WellNet Oilfield Review
Apr 2005 Unique Intelligent Completion Saves USD 2.8 Million WRFC-H, Intelligent Completions, TCP E&P