TRFC-HB Binary-Position Interval Control Valve (ICV)

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Tubing-retrievable flow control valve for excessive-scale environments in producing wells

The surface-actuated TRFC-HB dual-line interval or flow control valve provides two-position flow control—open and closed. The open position provides a flow area larger than the nominal tubing area, ensuring unrestricted flow.

Rated to 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] and 350 degF [177 degC], this flow control valve is suitable for excessive-scale environments. Scale usually builds up in areas of pressure drop; for a production flow control valve, this is typically inside the choke ports. Locating all moving parts externally on the valve (i.e., before the region of pressure drop) ensures the following: 

  • Scale buildup on moving parts is minimized. 
  • Scale buildup around the valve ID cannot obstruct valve operation. 

The large piston area provides adequate force to break through scale even when control line pressure is low (e.g., on the low-pressure side of subsea trees).

Fewer well interventions

Two hydraulic control lines operated from surface activate the downhole choke section, minimizing well interventions. Pressurizing the open line shifts the valve to the open position; the other control line provides the fluid returns that indicate a successful operation. In multiple-valve completions, each valve has a dedicated open line and a common close line, which is shared between all the valves in the completion string.

Setting depths are almost unrestricted because of the fully balanced piston design. This design is simple and reliable because there is no control line hydrostatic head to counteract during operation. 

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Large Piston Force to Break through Scale Deposits

TRFC-HB dual-line, binary-position flow control valve
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