TRFC-HD Multiposition Interval Control Valve (ICV)

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Surface-actuated flow control valve for downhole control of production and injection

The TRFC-HD dual-line, multiposition interval or flow control valve (formerly called the Odin valve) provides surface-actuated downhole control of production and injection for intelligent completion systems, minimizing costly well interventions. Using several of these valves provides a reliable system for selectively controlling a reservoir. WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems can be deployed in conjunction with the valves to monitor downhole pressure and temperature for a better understanding and more precise control of the reservoir in real time.

Two hydraulic control lines operated from surface activate the downhole choke section. In multiple-valve completions, each valve has a dedicated open line, while the single close line is shared between all. 

Wide range of applications

Rated to a maximum reservoir pressure of 7,500 psi [52 MPa] and a temperature of 325 degF [163 degC], these flow control valves are manufactured in various materials to suit a wide range of oil, water, and gas applications, including high-flow-rate production and injection wells with multizone or commingled-flow completions and natural-gas-lift completions. The valve can handle up to 70,000 bbl/d of liquid when fully open. The rugged design makes it suitable for severe environments with scale deposits, erosion, and other demanding conditions. Setting depths are almost unrestricted because of the fully balanced piston design. It is also well barrier qualified with downhole instrumentation and control system (DIACS) testing.

Control of annular or inline flow

Two versions of the TRFC-HD valve are available—annular and inline. The annular valve controls flow between the tubing and annulus, while the inline valve controls flow inside the tubing via a shroud across the choke section and a retrievable plug installed inside the valve. In production applications, the plug is located immediately below the choke section, while in injection applications it is located immediately above. Flow is diverted by the plug into the shroud and reenters the tubing through the choke. 

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More Than 1,700 Flow Control Valves Deployed in 26 Countries Worldwide

More Than 1,700 Flow Control Valves Deployed in 26 Countries Worldwide
Continuous, ongoing, iterative product development, which started nearly 20 years ago, has provided flow control valves with an unmatched record of reliability, making them the preferred choice globally. Read tech report