Manara Production and Reservoir Management System

Optimize production and ultimate recovery, from single wellbores to multilaterals

Manara production and reservoir management system provides downhole permanent monitoring and in-lateral flow control of multiple zones and compartments in real time—for the first time, even in multilateral wells.

Unlimited zones and compartments, full production information, and infinite control in each enables unprecedented production and reservoir management in heterogeneous (e.g., carbonate) or multilayered reservoirs, extended-reach developments, and extreme reservoir contact (ERC) wells.

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Manara System Can Be Used in Virtually Any Well

Manara system deployed in multizone well with single-stage completion.Manara system deployed in well with two-stage completion, including extended-reach wells.Manara system deployed in each zone of each lateral in multilateral well.
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Monitor and control more zones on a single control line

The revolutionary Manara system provides in-situ measurements of pressure, temperature, flow rate, and water cut across the formation face in each zone of each lateral. All sensors are packaged in one compact station, together with an electric flow control valve (FCV) that has infinitely variable settings controlled from surface through a single electrical control line. Use multiple stations to maximize hydrocarbon sweep and recovery with fewer wells, reducing capex, opex, and surface footprint.

Enhance drainage without intervention

Data reach the surface almost instantly, where wellbore and reservoir surveillance software facilitates understanding of flow behavior in real time and effective use and analysis of the data through clear displays and FCV setting recommendations. Data workflows embedded in the software reduce the amount of data gathering and manipulation needed, freeing up production and reservoir engineers to manage the asset and focus on priority wells. Decisions that used to take days or weeks can now be made in hours.

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Manara System in Extended-Reach Multizonal Well Delivers 47% Oil Increment

Manara System Controls Extended-Reach Multizonal Well, Enabling 47% Incremental Oil
Electric optimization of flow control valves in real time increased oil production an additional 25% and saved at least 2 days. Read case study

Does Your Well Need a Fully Electric Completion?

Fast-loop production optimization with the Manara system.
Take a look and see if the Manara system is the answer to your completion and production challenges, then contact us to learn more. Download Manara system candidate well selection criteria(0.87 MB PDF)

Continuous Measurements and Infinite Control in Every Zone in Real Time

Manara Production and Reservoir Management System Brochure
Substantially reduce lifetime lifting costs and increase production and recovery with the Manara production and reservoir management system.
Download Manara System brochure
(0.86 MB PDF)

Manara System Advantages

  • “Dial in” and maintain a desired production rate 
  • Identify production characteristics of individual zones
  • Control and monitor cleanup for optimal productivity
  • Optimize zone settings to maximize well production, balance offtake or drawdown, or minimize water cut
  • Choke back or close zones where water or gas breaks through 
  • Perform well and interference testing without requiring interventions or shutting off well production 
  • Allocate production to reservoir units and dynamically update asset models