Manara Production and Reservoir Management System

What is the risk of system failure due to an electrical issue?

The risk is very low.

  • Schlumberger has more than 40 years of PDG expertise.
  • Electronics survival rate is nearly 99% over 10 years.
  • Key components have inbuilt redundancy.
  • Failure of one sensor board does not propagate to the rest of the system.

Electronics survival rate nearly 99% over 10 years

What contingency measures are in place?
  • The “fail as is” system is rarely in a closed position.
  • Conventional straddle systems can be deployed on wireline or tractor to plug off a failed open zone.
  • A tubing puncher or sliding sleeve can be used to regain zone production in the unlikely case of a failed closed valve.

Straddle systems, sliding sleeve, tubing puncher

Can the Manara system be used in a waterflood environment with water cut >40% (threshold of the current water cut meter)?
  • Heterogeneous formations produce water mostly from 1–2 high-permeability streaks.
  • Zones producing <40% water can be identified with the Manara system and high-water-cut zones selectively closed.
  • Flow rates, reservoir pressures, productivity index (PI), etc. are still valid.
  • Temperature can sometimes be used as a good indicator of water (or gas) production.
  • Fluctuations in flow or pressure can indicate oil-water flow.
  • Deviation from the normal production condition can be identified with Avocet software platform and may be interpreted as “water production.”

Flow rates, pressures, and PI still valid

Can the system be used in a gas well?
  • Manara system was developed primarily for oil-water reservoirs.
  • Below 30% downhole gas volume fraction (GVF), liquid flow rate measurements are within the specified accuracy.
  • Below 10% GVF, the impact on water cut error is <3%.
  • Manara system is not designed for gas wells with liquid production.
  • To date, system performance has remained unaffected in wells where free gas is produced with the oil-water flow in various zones.

Liquid flow rates accurate at GVF <30%

How many zones can be deployed and at what depths?
  • We have deployed six zones in a trilateral well at up to 14,000-ft MD and five zones (with six Manara system stations) at up to 33,533 ft in an extended-reach well.
  • Simulation modeling is recommended for >4 zones, >15,000-ft MD, and subsea installations.
  • Advanced system modeling capabilities are available.

Six stations at depths up to 33,533 ft

Continuous Measurements and Infinite Control in Every Zone in Real Time

Manara Production and Reservoir Management System Brochure
Substantially reduce lifetime lifting costs and increase production and recovery with the Manara production and reservoir management system.
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Manara System Advantages

  • “Dial in” and maintain a desired production rate 
  • Identify production characteristics of individual zones
  • Control and monitor cleanup for optimal productivity
  • Optimize zone settings to maximize well production, balance offtake or drawdown, or minimize water cut
  • Choke back or close zones where water or gas breaks through 
  • Perform well and interference testing without requiring interventions or shutting off well production 
  • Allocate production to reservoir units and dynamically update asset models