Hydraulic Line Wet-Mate (HLWM) Connector

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Cost-effective connect-disconnect system

The HLWM connector enables deployment of a multitrip completion that uses hydraulic equipment (e.g., FCVs, isolation valves, chemical injection mandrels) in the lower completion.

Easy, reliable connection

The connector comprises two subassemblies, the receptacle and the stinger, which are run with the lower and upper completion respectively. The concentric design eliminates the need for any orientation downhole when stinging into the lower completion. This key feature makes the system reliable and easy to use in highly deviated to horizontal wells.

Faster, safer workover operations

A large number of HLWM installations have been successfully competed in the Middle East and North Sea, in offshore deviated wells that are equipped with hydraulic valves in the lower completion and an ESP in the upper completion. In many of these installations, the upper completion has been retrieved and the ESP replaced with a 100% success rate without retrieving the lower completion, saving significant rig time and cost. 

The upper completion can be retrieved by applying a straight upward pull of 20,000 lbf [88,964 N] at the stinger. For contingencies, the stinger can also be disconnected by rotating to the right. Once the upper completion is disconnected, the hydraulic ports in the receptacle are covered by a protective sleeve, preventing contamination and plugging of the control lines in the lower completion.

Wide range of applications

Rated to a maximum working pressure of 6,000 psi [41 MPa] and a temperature of 250 degF [121 degC], the HLWM connector can be manufactured in various materials to suit a wide range of reservoir conditions. It can be deployed inside 9 5/8-in casing and is available in two versions, for two or four hydraulic lines.

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More than 150 HLWM Connectors Installed

Over 150 Hydraulic Line Wet-Mate Connectors Installed
Robust system enables cost-effective integration of an intelligent completion with an ESP in multistage wells, including multilaterals. Read tech report

Easy Replacement of Upper Completion

The HLWM connector enables deployment of a multitrip completion that uses hydraulic equipment in the lower completion; it allows upper completion workovers without having to retrieve the lower completion.
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