Proteus Electrohydraulic Flow Control and Monitoring System

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Simplify well design, reduce installation complexity, increase downhole control, and efficiently optimize production

Proteus electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system is an integrated modular unit that combines a Universal Electrohydraulic Module, field-proven flow control valve, single or dual pressure and temperature (PT) gauges, and an optional absolute position sensor in a single compact assembly. It is controlled from surface using a powerful, user-friendly operating system.

The Proteus system enables you to

  • reduce unwanted water and gas production
  • enhance dynamic reservoir characterization through periodic zonal tests without need for interventions
  • eliminate the costs and risks of well interventions by using surface-controlled chokes
  • improve production or injection sweep.

Flow control valve

TRFC-DP direct-position valves—which can shift directly from any position to any other position—can be used together with a built-in absolute position sensor that detects the choke position. Indexed-position TRFC-HD dual-line multiposition flow control valves and ball-type SFIV-II surface-controlled bidirectional isolation valves (lubricator valves) are available alternatives.

PT gauges

Single or dual gauges transmit tubing or tubing and annulus PT readings from the zone of interest to surface. Up to 8 dual or 16 single gauges can be deployed with a single cable. WellWatcher eQuartz ESP-immune high-temperature, high-resolution PT gauges or enhanced silicon-on-insulator (eSOI) gauges can be used.

Multidropping capability

The Electrohydraulic Modules enable multidropping up to 12 Proteus systems on one electric and two hydraulic lines, simplifying installation complexity and requiring only three wellhead penetrations.

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Reduce Wellhead and Packer Penetrations

Proteus electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system
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