WellWatcher Contact Multistage Stimulation Assurance System

Deploy technology with a proven track record

The WellWatcher Contact system has been deployed in more than 200 wells, and the oriented perforation method has been used in more than 600 stages. The DAS component has measured vibration in more than 10 km of tubing, and the WellWatcher Contact system’s interpretation services build on more than 15 years of DTS and DAS deployment in some of the world’s most complex reservoirs.

Avoid cable damage while perforating

To prevent perforating operations from damaging the multifiber cable used by the WellWatcher Contact system, we employ the guns’ external magnetic mass to orient them. This Schlumberger-held patent has led to a more-than-99% cable survival rate in the past three years. Unique to Schlumberger, the perforating platform can even transmit the angle of eccentricity in real time to confirm that the weight is on the low side before the guns are fired.

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