Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems

Distributed measurement systems timeline

Schlumberger has successfully delivered fiber optic sensing solutions for more than three decades. Our organizational pedigree and product portfolio are unmatched within the fiber optic technology industry. We strive to maintain our market leadership by delivering customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each and every client.
Distributed Measurement Systems Timeline

WellWatcher BriteBlue HT Fiber Reduces HSE Exposure and Lowers Opex

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) using WellWatcher BriteBlue HT fiber is accurate to within 1 m of gradiomanometer surveys, Oman
An operator accurately determined fluid contacts within 1 m of wireline gradiomanometer surveys run for comparison using DTS measurements.
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BP Optimizes Drainage of More Than 100 Million Barrels of Oil

Thermal well model and flow distribution model
WellWatcher BriteBlue multimode DTS fiber reveals flow rate changes in real time, enabling the reservoir management strategy to be adjusted accordingly. Read case study