Fiber-Optic Acquisition Systems

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Monitor downhole conditions across your entire wellbore

As part of the WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems portfolio, fiber-optic systems—or DTS or hDVS acquisition systems—obtain temperature and vibration readings across the entire wellbore. Monitoring downhole conditions allows operators to perform inflow profiling, gas and water breakthrough detection, well stimulation optimization through hydraulic fracture monitoring, steam-assisted gravity drainage process optimization, and well integrity verification.

WellWatcher systems specifications and comparisons

Schlumberger offers three different systems for a range of applications including the WellWatcher Ultra DTS acquisition system, WellWatcher Ultra ASE accurate single-ended DTS acquisition system, and WellWatcher Hyperion portable DTS acquisition systems.

Fiber-Optic Acquisition Systems
WellWatcher Hyperion System WellWatcher Ultra System WellWatcher Ultra ASE System
 Application Remote wells General oilfield   SAGD
Range, mi [km]  2.5 [4]
7.5 [12]
3.7 [6]
Spatial resolution, ft [m] 3.9 [1.2] 3.28 [1.0] 3.28 [1.0]
Temperature accuracy, degF [degC] ±5.4 [±3.0]
±1.8 [±1.0]
±7.2 [±4.0]
Temperature resolution, degF [degC] ±0.18 [0.1] ±0.144 [0.08]  ±0.18 [0.1]
Number of loops
1 double-ended
2 single-ended
6 double-ended
12 single-ended
12 dual-laser 
Fiber hydrogen darkening mitigation  ✓  ✓
Ruggedized for harsh environment  ✓    
Low power requirement  ✓    
Supports multiwell installations    ✓  ✓
Marinized for subsea wells  ✓  ✓  ✓
Modbus compatible  ✓  ✓  ✓
Real-time data analysis  ✓  ✓  ✓
Hydraulic fracture assurance  ✓  ✓  ✓
Well integrity surveillance  ✓  ✓  ✓

WellWatcher Hyperion portable DTS acquisition system

As a cost-efficient option, the WellWatcher Hyperion system can be used in hostile, remote environments with low power consumption requirements and is capable of being fully powered using solar technology. The WellWatcher Hyperion system supports single- and double-ended fiber configurations.

WellWatcher Ultra DTS acquisition system

The WellWatcher Ultra system provides accurate -temperature optical fibers and supports single- and double-ended fiber configurations. In applications where the fiber may attenuate over time, an option is available to analyze from either end on a fiber deployed in a loop configuration and compensation for the attenuation can be calculated based on those results, leading to accurate temperature profiles even in darkened fibers—without the need to replace existing equipment.

WellWatcher Ultra ASE accurate single-ended DTS acquisition system

Created specifically for single-ended fiber installations, the WellWatcher Ultra ASE system dynamically corrects for differential loss along the entire length of the sensing multimode fiber. This is achieved by using a patented system using two lasers operating at different wavelengths. By using three measurements instead of two enables highly accurate single-ended measurements.

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Monitor Wells and Reservoirs Remotely

WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems provide long-term well and reservoir monitoring without the cost of well interventions, helping you identify trends throughout the useful life of your well or field.
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