WellWatcher Neon DTS, DAS &
PT Gauge System

WellWatcher Neon DTS and PT Gauge System

WellWatcher Neon DTS and PT gauge system acquires downhole pressure, distributed temperature, and derived flow data—in real time for well integrity and gas-lift monitoring. The data can be used to identify leaks through orifices, such as a port, nozzle, or choke.

Temperature change caused by leak source

Leaks can cause the fluid passing through to expand suddenly. This fluid expansion changes the fluid’s temperature—a principle known as the Joule-Thomson effect—and signals the location of the leak.

WellWatcher Neon Cables

Real-time data identified leaky valve

In a well drilled to explore the deep layers of a reservoir, the WellWatcher Neon system indicated a temperature drop of 1.5 degC at the fourth gas lift valve in the longer of two tubing strings. This temperature drop identified both the tubular with the leak and the source of the leak—an improperly seated valve.

Issue resolved in just a few hours

The operator was able to resolve the problem within a few hours instead of the extended time that the traditional repetitive method of searching for the leak through trial and error would have involved.

Identify Flow Anomalies and Manage Zonal Flow Without Intervention

Wellwatcher NeonWellwatcher Neon
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WellWatcher Neon System Applications

  • Reservoir production or
    injection allocation
  • Borehole seismic (optical VSP)
  • Gas lift optimization and diagnostics
  • Downhole leak integrity and
    flow assurance
  • Riser integrity
  • Redundant measurements
    (optical and electrical)