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Enhancing well integrity and well construction efficiency from deepwater to land wells

Liner hanger systems provide multiple benefits in well construction, ranging from enhancing well integrity to reducing costs. Careful planning before and during installation is, however, essential to prevent issues that can have a significant impact on NPT. Our 24/7 personalized support, a commitment to excellence in execution, and extensive global track record maximize efficient and effective outcomes. 

The complexity of each application depends on a number of factors, such as well deviation, temperature, and pressure. With a range of available features, COLOSSUS liner hanger systems are suitable for the most straightforward to the most challenging environments.

COLOSSUS M2M Metal-to-Metal Expandable Liner Hanger System

COLOSSUS CMT Cemented Liner Hanger System

COLOSSUS UNC Uncemented Liner Hanger System

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Complete Portfolio of Liner Hanger Systems

Liner Hanger Systems
Our product portfolio includes a full line of liner hanger systems for conventional and complex applications.
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Liner Hangers: Out of the Blue
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First COLOSSUS CMT System Deployment in Udhailiyah Gas Well

First COLOSSUS CMT Liner Hanger System Deployment in Udhailiyah Gas Well
The premium cemented liner hanger system enabled off-bottom cementing in the multistage stimulation well.
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