Conventional Cemented Liner Hanger System

Vertical or slightly deviated oil wells

Designed for nonrotational applications, our conventional cemented liner hanger system comprises a packer and a liner hanger. It is ideal for hanging light, short liners with low differential pressures at the top of the liner.

V3 rated liner top packer

The liner top packer is ISO 14310 V3 qualified and rated to a differential pressure of 10,000 psi across the element in most sizes. Optimized design and materials maximize mandrel performance criteria such as burst, collapse, torque, and tensile ratings. 

Hydraulic and mechanical setting options for
liner hanger

The hydraulically and mechanically set liner hangers (HSH and MSH, respectively) consist of the hanger body or mandrel, one or more sets of cone pads, and slips. In addition, the HSH includes a hydraulic assembly to actuate the slips, while the MSH features a cage assembly to carry the slips. A gauge ring protects the slips when running into the wellbore. 

The hydraulic assembly is shear pinned to actuate at a predetermined value. The HSH is set by dropping a ball and pressurizing the system; the MSH is set by manipulating the workstring. Setting transfers the liner weight through the cone and slips to the supporting casing. The type of hanger used depends on well conditions, including operating and performance requirements such as burst and collapse pressure ratings, connection requirements, and metallurgical considerations.

Customized solutions

A range of tieback receptacle lengths customizes the solution for each application.

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System Components

Conventional cemented liner hanger system components
The conventional cemented liner hanger system is designed for hanging light and short liners in nonrotational applications.
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