Premium Cemented Liner Hanger System

Reliable performance in challenging conditions

Our premium cemented liner hanger system is designed for highly deviated boreholes and applications where the liner hanger must withstand high loads. Consisting of a packer and a mechanically or hydraulically set liner hanger, the system is suitable for

  • vertical, deviated, horizontal, and extended-reach wells
  • deepwater and deep land wells
  • applications that require heavy liners
  • applications requiring drilldown capabilities.

Highest validation grade packers

The liner top packer with hold-down slips is ISO 14310 V0 qualified and rated to a differential pressure of 10,000 psi across the element in most sizes.

Drilldown capability

The integral setting adaptor and mandrel design permits the transmission of high torque from the running string to the liner. This feature is used to drill down the liner while running in hole and also after the hanger has been set. Optimized design and materials maximize mandrel performance criteria such as burst, collapse, torque, and tensile ratings. 

The premium hydraulically and mechanically set pocketed-slip (HPS-II and MPS-II, respectively) liner hangers feature high-torque capacity and pocketed slips to facilitate drilldown operations under challenging wellbore conditions. An antipreset mechanism prevents the HPS II hanger from premature setting due to friction with the wellbore. When the slips have been set, a high-performance bearing enables long, heavy liners to be rotated while cementing to improve cement integrity.

Increased hanging capacity

The slip-cone design of the liner hangers distributes axial and radial loads through the hanger body and the host casing, providing increased hanging capacity compared with cone-type hangers.

Customized solutions

A range of tieback receptacle lengths customizes the solution for each application.

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System Components 

Premium cemented liner hanger system components
The premium cemented liner hanger system is designed for highly deviated boreholes, where the liner hanger must withstand high loads.
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