Conventional Uncemented Liner Hanger System

Horizontal wells with high temperatures and low differential pressures

The conventional uncemented liner hanger system uses the Long Reach integral liner hanger packer, which combines the liner hanger and packer on the same mandrel. Both are set simultaneously, maximizing system integrity and simplifying operations. An optional internal bypass feature decreases the piston effect during running in and reduces trip time. The system’s hydraulic setting capability, combined with its push, pull, and rotation capabilities, allows controlled liner deployment without excessive workstring manipulation.

The setting tool uses

  • castellation to apply torque to the packer top and transmit the torque throughout the liner, allowing drilldown capability in extended-reach wells
  • a hydraulic set piston that eliminates the need for a hydraulic cylinder in the packer itself, simplifying packer design and enhancing reliability
  • a collet profile that allows high-load-carrying capacity and together with a hydraulic mechanism, eliminates the need for rotation to release.

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System Components

Conventional uncemented liner hanger system components
The liner hanger and packer are positioned on the same mandrel and set simultaneously, maximizing system integrity and simplifying operations.
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