Thermal Liner Hangers

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Maximum reliability in extreme temperatures

In situ thermal environments, such as fields using SAGD or cyclic steam stimulation, require fit-for-purpose packers and liner hanger systems to ensure pressure integrity over the life of the well. Schlumberger has a range of permanent and retrievable technologies that employ rugged gripping systems to handle the most extreme temperature conditions in the oil field, including temperatures up to 650 degF [343 degC] with high H2S.

Thermal Liner Hanger Product Comparison

Setting Method Rotatable Retrievable
 Liner Hangers  
RSLH 650 Mechanical No Yes
RSLH-LS Mechanical Yes Yes
 Liner Hanger Packers
LHP 650 Hydraulic Yes No
RHLP 650 Hydraulic No Yes
RLTP 650 Hydraulic Yes Yes

Liner hangers to seal damaged casing

RSLH series retrievable mechanically set liner hangers are typically deployed after formation shifting in thermal wells to suspend heavy-wall casing joints across damaged zones and prevent wellbore collapse.

Rugged packers for isolation

Schlumberger permanent and retrievable thermal hydraulic-set liner hanger packers and liner top packers improve reliability in extreme temperature conditions by using thermal elements to overcome temperature limitations of conventional packer elastomers in thermal injection or production applications.

Appropriate extreme-temperature setting tools are offered with each of the thermal packers and hangers.

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