Multilateral Completion Systems

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Increased reservoir exposure, higher production

Increasing reserves while minimizing investment is the focus for multilateral technology, which lets you confidently reenter existing wells. You can drill an additional lateral to increase reservoir exposure or branch more than one lateral to increase reservoir exposure and target complex reservoirs.

Multilateral Junctions
7-in casing RapidAccess
RapidTieBack RapidX
9 5/8-in casing RapidAccess RapidConnect
RapidXtreme RapidXtreme
10 3/4-in casing None RapidConnect  None RapidX

RapidX TAML 5 high-strength, hydraulic sealed multilateral junction

The RapidX TAML Level 5 multilateral junction provides ultrahigh stability and strength. It includes a specially designed seal combined with a continually interlocking rail system, creating one of the strongest Level 5 junctions in the industry.

RapidXtreme TAML 3, 4 or 5 large-bore multilateral junction

RapidXtreme junction is a robust, modular system. It is currently the only multilateral system in the industry that is rated at 10,000 psi differential pressure at the junction.

RapidTieBack TAML 3 or 4 conventional multilateral junction

The RapidTieBack junction uses the lateral locator insert to anchor the liner and act as a depth and orientation marker. The lateral locator insert has a high-hanging capacity of 150,000 lbm and a torque capacity of 12,000 ft.lbf.

RapidConnect TAML 3 sand-exclusion multilateral junction

The RapidConnect junction provides sand exclusion. It includes a continuous locking rail that imparts ultrahigh junction stability and strength and acts as an effective sand barrier.

RapidMSS TAML 2 trip-efficient, multistage stimulation multilateral junction

The RapidMSS junction delivers a one-trip multistage stimulation solution by fracturing both the lateral bore and main bore in one trip. The system is fully stackable and provides fullbore access to both the main and lateral bore. It also enables various options for stimulation operations in high-pressure environments.

RapidAccess TAML 2 self-orienting multilateral junction 

The RapidAccess junction provides lateral access and multiple kickoff points for current and future sidetracks and multilateral wellbores.

Discovery MLT Multilateral Reentry System

Sidetracking Services

Sidetrack services to meet well departure objectives.

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Stimulate Multilateral Wells Efficiently and Repeatably

RapidTieBack TAML 3 or 4 Conventional Multilateral Junction
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Operator Saves More Than USD 1 Billion by Using Multilaterals

Operator Saves More Than USD 1 Billion in Field Development Costs by Using Multilaterals
RapidX TAML Level 5 junctions connect 31 laterals to only 13 wellheads, maximizing reservoir contact while reducing opex and capex. Read case study

TAML Levels Define the Support Provided at the Lateral Junction

TAML 2 multilateral systemTAML 3 multilateral systemTAML 4 multilateral systemTAML 5 multilateral system
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Pressure Isolation with Robust, Flexible Junction

RapidX TAML 5 Multilateral Junction
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