ELEMENTAL Degradable Technology

Patented material helps ensure full production

ELEMENTAL degradable technology—used with multistage stimulation system frac balls—provides material that degrades completely within hours or days, eliminating the risk of stuck frac balls and the need to mill them. Because the balls never stick, they never delay or hinder production.

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Degradable balls allow extended-reach wells

By eliminating expensive, time-consuming milling operations, degradable frac balls allow longer horizontal wells to be drilled.

Material disintegrates predictably within hours

The patented aluminum-based material degrades predictably within hours or days, depending on ball size, temperature, and other downhole conditions.

No additives are required

The degradable material disintegrates in water-based stimulation fluids—brines, slick water, linear gels, and cross-linked fluids—without the need for additives.

Material is stronger than conventional alloys

The high-strength, impact-resistant material is stronger than conventional alloys. It withstands differential pressures up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa] and temperatures up to 300 degF [150 degC].

Degradable frac balls enhance efficiency, lower costs

Using frac balls made with ELEMENTAL degradable technology makes multistage stimulation more efficient and cost-effective, and it helps ensure that production always reaches its full potential.

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2014 E&P Special Meritorious Award Winner

 2014 E&P Hart Special Meritorious Award Winner for Best Completion Technology
The Best Completion Technology award recognized the ELEMENTAL technology's ability to eliminate problems related to deformed and jammed balls and its use as an alternative to trip into the well with coiled tubing and mill out the balls and seats.
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ELEMENTAL Technology Frac Balls Degrade Fully Even at Low Temperatures

ELEMENTAL degradable alloy frac ball
Journey Energy used frac balls made using ELEMENTAL degradable technology, together with the Falcon multistage stimulation system, to maximize productivity from seven Cardium shale wells in Canada.
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