Falcon Uncemented Multistage Stimulation System

Single-trip installation, continuous treatment

Falcon multistage stimulation system for uncemented wells isolates numerous stages continuously, helping minimize operational time, costs, and risks. Hydraulically set openhole or oil swellable packers are used to isolate fracture zones in horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells. The system

  • withstands differentials up to 10,000 psi across the packers and ball seats
  • permits higher fracture rates with lower pump pressures
  • eliminates need for wireline, coiled tubing, and cementing.

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System Accommodates Multiple Configurations and Last-Minute Modifications 

Falcon components
The modular Falcon system is fully integrated with Schlumberger services and products, helping minimize operational time, costs, and risks.
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Isolate and Treat Multiple Stages Continuously

FALCON Multistage Stimulation System
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