nZone Multistage Fracturing System for Cemented Applications

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Fewer interventions, faster turnaround

The nZone multistage fracturing system is designed to isolate and stimulate multiple stages in a continuous operation in one trip. Suitable for vertical, deviated, or horizontal wells with dogleg severities up to 25°, the system eliminates the need for wireline, as well as coiled tubing for plug millout.

The lowermost zone can be completed with the KickStart rupture disc valve. Subsequent stages can be completed with ball drop valves, which consist of preset seats and matching balls with gradually increasing diameters that are dropped from the surface to the respective valves. When the ball lands on the seat, it isolates the zones below it. Applying surface pressure activates a sleeve and opens up the fracture ports to the formation, allowing passage of the fracturing fluid. This array of graduated ball and seat combinations offers simplicity and cost-efficient completions, particularly in the toe section of long horizontal wells, where milling can be a challenge.

Higher production, lower costs and risk

Lower fracture initiation pressure and precise fracture placement lead to higher production. Moreover, the possibility of immediate and simultaneous flowback of all zones minimizes the time to production. Eliminating interventions reduces costs and risks and further improves flowback, with no concerns about plug debris. The system decreases environmental impact through lower water usage, less fracturing equipment, and fewer personnel.

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